Investing in human resources today is sculpting your company's future.

Human Resources

At Riyada, we understand that exceptional skills and competencies are the cornerstone of a company’s or institution’s sustainability and success. Thus, we offer this service in several effective ways to maximize benefits for our clients:

Assign our skilled employees to operate either from our premises or directly within your headquarters and branches.

Recruit the most suitable talents in terms of skillset and cost-efficiency, leveraging Riyada’s comprehensive database.

Provide training and development services for your existing employees, delivered by our internationally accredited experts and trainers.


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Furthermore, we offer a broad range of support strategies designed to enhance performance, as elaborated below:

Human Resources Officer Service

Based on our strategy, which embraces providing services to all categories of our customers in all their industries and sizes, we have pledged to adopt the idea of ​​launching special packages for outsourcing human resources operations, which are intended for medium and small companies to benefit from human resources services through a specialized team​

Create what you need

Solutions that suit different customers of all industries and sizes. All you have to do is specify your needs.

Solutions for medium and small businesses

We provide solutions that suit different customers of all industries and sizes. All you have to do is specify your needs

All-inclusive package

SR 13,500
  • +Advanced features
  • From 50 to 100
  • Recruitment sites and accounts​
  • Personal Loans
  • Rewards
  • Verifying the candidate's eligibility and compatibility
  • Settlement of labor violations
  • Administrative investigation
  • Disciplinary penalties
  • Annual evaluation system

الباقة المتقدمة

SR 5,000
  • + Basic features
  • From 10 to 50
  • Recruitment sites and accounts
  • Job Description
  • Job offers​
  • Verify the eligibility and matching of the candidate
  • Personal interviews
  • Protection of wages
  • Medical Insurance
  • Overtime
  • Human Resources Fund
  • Taqaat
  • Regulations and systems
  • contract drafting

الباقة الأساسية

SR 3,500
  • From 50 to 100
  • Employment sites and accounts
  • Contracts
  • Payroll management
  • Monthly deductions
  • Employee adjustments
  • End of service
  • Attendance and departure
  • Employee files
  • Employee files
  • Annual vacations
  • Providing a self-service system for employees
  • Social insurance account
  • Resident account
  • Absher account
  • Ministry of Labor account