The realm of diverse human resources in Riyada
Materializing aspirations and dreams into tangible reality
We're alongside you on every stride towards leadership

As businesses and organizations encounter hurdles in the face of accelerated expansion

Riyada intervenes, providing strategic solutions to navigate these complexities.

Striking to recruit outstanding human talent and a high-caliber workforce?

Or perhaps, you're focused on professionally managing expenses and cutting costs?

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Seeking to outsource to optimize organizational growth?

In dire need of immediately deployable staff?

Should your objectives align with any or all of the aforementioned circumstances, be confident that you're on the correct trajectory towards uncovering precisely what you've been seeking

In our hands, challenges metamorphose into avenues for growth

Riyada has been established to supply businesses with ready and skilled labor, both Saudi and non-Saudi, for immediate advantage.

Riyada empowers you to infuse expertise into your team. We respond to every human resource request by not only providing the personnel but also training and equipping them to meet your specific requirements. Simultaneously, we manage all employee-related needs throughout the duration of the contract.

We stand ! 

alongside businesses in seeking robust, externally sourced expertise and powerful solutions in their journey towards growth and expansion

Irrespective of your requirements, whether you’re a new entrant in the Kingdom or seeking a reliable partner that offers a broad spectrum of business outsourcing services, encompassing critical tasks from

Leverage our profound expertise now! to secure premier outsourcing and business development solutions, delivered promptly by professionals with broad technical and vocational proficiency

Our Mission

Embarking on a voyage towards leadership begins with us

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for success for all businesses within the Kingdom, nurturing growth in the rapidly evolving commercial landscape. We aim to be more than a service provider; we strive to be a strategic partner, delivering comprehensive human resource solutions and advanced call center services. Together, we can realize the ambitions of Vision 2030, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s prosperous future.

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Our Services

Being deeply rooted in this cherished nation, we channel our profound expertise towards the attainment of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Our role lies in empowering businesses to concentrate on honing their core competencies and scaling their operations to unparalleled heights.

Inspired by our national day slogan, "We Dream, We Actualize," we turn organizational visions into tangible realities, delivering satisfying results through our matured expertise.

Human Resources Services

We manage every aspect of the employee journey on your behalf. When partnering with Riyada, you can harness the capabilities of our exceptional team or delegate the task of shaping your own team to us. Just give us the opportunity to excel in what we do best, while you focus all your energy on growing and developing your business!

Call Center Services

We provide a holistic solution for managing your call center under the guidance of Riyada. We provide telemarketing, collections, customer service, technical support, and social media response management, on an outsourcing basis. Moreover, we have the capacity to establish and equip your own call center in a mere 7 days

Our Clients

Our collaborations with exceptional partners across various sectors over the years, have reinforced our position as the premier choice for companies seeking excellence and success

About Us

Riyada for Business Outsourcing Process (BOP): Crafting a distinct professional hallmark that elevates your business and enriches your customer experience.

Riyada for Business Outsourcing Process (BOP) services stands as a leader among Saudi companies, offering a multitude of solutions for business development and outsourcing. Our mission at Riyada is to augment and enrich customer experiences through bespoke outsourcing services within Saudi Arabia. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, promoting innovation, and employing a skilled workforce, we enable transformative improvements and attain remarkable results in customer experience.


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What makes Riyada a reliable ally for business outsourcing process services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

We stand poised to accelerate your journey towards your goals, exceed benchmarks, and strengthen your market presence with our superior services and solutions.

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Our Goals